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Creating Innovative Custom Solutions

Garden Design

A garden plan provides a bird’s-eye view of your yard, mapping out the features you love and incorporating those you’d like to see added or enhanced. The well planned garden is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. A garden design also provides an accurate way to estimate construction costs.

Fretter Design offers a garden design service that will help you get it right the first time. Our design fees are based on $75 per hour. The estimated time required to complete your garden design will be provided after your consultation, and the design can take the format of either a detailed blueprint drawing to scale, or a smaller, less formal sketch that requires less time.

Garden Renovations

Sooner or later every garden needs a little attention. Plantings can become overgrown, trees become damaged or diseased, and people’s needs change. The previous homeowner’s tastes don’t match yours. Or perhaps you need to improve ‘curb appeal’ before putting your home up for sale. We can help you evaluate the current site conditions, and we’ll listen to your needs and desires, guiding you through the decisions and design ideas that will best suit your situation.

New landscapes

Designing and building a new landscape has the advantage of allowing you to start with a blank slate. Your needs for function, visual beauty and atmosphere can guide the process from start to finish. A new landscape project can be fully implemented at once from your garden plan (see garden design service above) or phased over time to suit your budget.

Patios, paths and decks

A quality landscape incorporates both lush and varied plant materials and ‘hard landscaping’ features such as patios, paths and decks. Strategically planned pathways make it possible for people to wander and enjoy the garden you’ve created. Patios and decks are an invitation to linger, relaxing in this peaceful retreat. These elements extend the livable atmosphere of your home into the outdoors.

Water Features

The sound and movement of water adds a lovely dimension to any garden. Fretter Design has used ponds, waterfalls and free-standing fountain features to bring a tranquil environment to many garden spaces. We can also assist you with quality construction, adding water plants, and maintenance tips.

Stone walls and stairwells

Construction of dry-set walls and stairs using natural stone materials such as basalt adds a lasting, solid and attractive quality to your yard. We often work with this natural stone because of its strong aesthetic appeal and find that the homeowners appreciate its timeless nature.

Low Voltage lighting systems

Lighting adds a delightful dimension to your garden, allowing you to appreciate its features at night. Proper landscape lighting makes your garden both inviting and secure. Accent lights can be used to illuminate specific features, while low-voltage lighting is both functional and energy saving.

Unique Landscape Projects

Your imagination is the only limit to what can be created in your garden. Tell us what you’re dreaming of and we’ll help you make it a beautiful reality!